For many families, the childbearing year begins long before a positive pregnancy test. Our fertility care spans from individuals just beginning to explore their conception options to those seeking holistic fertility support to regulate cycle and determine optimal conception timing and families ready to conceive through IUI at home. 

I approach fertility care from a Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective, and I specialize in working individuals with PCOS and transgender people who have previously used hormone affirming therapy. I provide home IUI within a 1 hour radius of Philadelphia, and offer skype fertility appointments for clients outside the service area.

Empowering Preconception Care

At your 90 minute fertility consultation, we will thoroughly review your medical history, screening for common causes of infertility and working together to create an individualized plan to optimize your fertility through nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplements and herbs. I can review your charting if you have already started, and I will help you learn about detecting and tracking fertility signs in your body to optimize intercourse or insemination timing. I can also order any relevant lab work.

Following your visit, I will be available to you for three months over phone and email to review your cycle charting, follow-up on lab work, and checking in about your personalized fertility plan. 

Home IUI

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a simple procedure where washed sperm in placed in the uterus to achieve pregnancy. IUI increases the chances of conception when using frozen sperm.

Families choosing home IUI get all of the perks of home birth midwifery – a personal relationship with your midwife, the comfort of being in your own home, and care uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. Unlike fertility clinics, I do not use a tenaculum (metal forcep) to open the cervix. Instead we work together to determine your optimal fertility window so your cervix is soft and open for the procedure. A preconception visit is required to utilize home IUI services.

Who Chooses Midwife-Led Fertility Care

“Older” parents, transgender parents, queer families, single parents, non-traditional families, individuals who’s needs aren’t being met by mainstream approach to fertility and conception, and everyone in need of respectful fertility care.