At Refuge Midwifery, we offer a safe haven where we guide and support your family on their parenting journey. Midwifery is much more than sweet home births, midwifery is a model of care rooted in justice by empowering families into parenthood.

Our care starts with the assumption that your body is incredible and is designed to work! Informed by the latest evidence-based practice and the belief that you are the expert on your body, we work together to find the best tools to support your fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing. We approach care with a Health at Every Size philosophy, meaning that bodies and pregnancies can be healthy at any weight, and supporting a healthy pregnancy can be as unique as each family we work with.

We care for you as an individual. We learn your desires, values, and priorities. We ask questions. We help connect your family to the resources you want. We prioritize your informed choice by offering information, time, and an unbiased ear to make decisions about you and your baby’s healthcare.

Midwifery care is about justice. We prioritize providing culturally informed, respectful care to families underserved by our current healthcare system- families of color, queer families, low-income families, transgender parents, and immigrant families.

Through our model of relationship-based care, our clients' draw strength from our consistent presence - from enjoying your growing belly together in prenatal visits to staying up all night to meet your baby with you, to being a calming voice after you’ve been up all night with your little one. 

Our model adds joy and wonder to the birthing process, with a lot of love and laughter along the way. We look forward to being a refuge from which your family grows.