Baby drake and big brother Clark

Baby drake and big brother Clark

"Bringing my son into the world under my own roof was one of the best decisions I ever made. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased with the care we received from Ray. It was so empowering to work with a care provider who respected my intuition and wisdom. She made sure that my decisions were informed, she supported me in weighing options, and she was always available to talk through my questions or concerns. When the time came for my little one to enter this world, Ray was by my side, quietly and confidently giving me the space I needed to listen to my body. I was able to be fully present in the birthing of my son because I completely trusted Ray to monitor our safety. Her presence made it easy for me to embrace my womanly power, and I am forever grateful for the beautiful birth of my son. Thank you, Ray, for this priceless gift!"


"Ray was a fantastic care provider throughout our experience, from pre-natal to delivery to postpartum care.  She worked with us in a gentle manner that was comforting, caring, professional and knowledgeable.  When we had questions or opinions she was open to discussing our options in a way that was not overbearing but realistic and exemplified her experience in the field.  I am so happy that she was there throughout the process and would recommend her to anyone looking for a natural birth experience."

-Megan and Bob

Erin, Bennett, and baby Virginia

Erin, Bennett, and baby Virginia

"Ray is one of the most genuine, caring people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She truly treated us like we were her only focus. Throughout my pregnancy Ray always had our best interest at heart but was still extremely professional and presented the facts to help us make informed decisions regarding my pregnancy care, labor and birth. She was always there for me and showed real excitement when I called her in the middle of the night in labor. During the birth of our little girl she was incredible at reading my body and my cues and always knew exactly what would comfort me during contractions, her calming voice and touch really made for a peaceful atmosphere. Ray's ability to intuitively read a situation made me feel safe and in good hands, and after our birth, our postpartum care was wonderful with Ray, I really felt a connection with her and know that she loves my baby."


"I simply cannot imagine how I would have negotiated the turbulence and joy of the last year without your compassion, guidance and support. It was so reassuring to know I could text you at any moment with questions or concerns, and that you were there with answers and advice. You will be an absolute gift to whichever community you choose to serve. Best of luck, you awesome lady, and thank you for all that you did to help Dylan arrive in the world."

-Crystal and Micah

Sam, Megan, and Baby Jude

Sam, Megan, and Baby Jude

"Ray supported us the whole way through. When we first found out that Megan's pregnancy was going to be complicated by preeclampsia, we had to throw out our original plans. Ray stepped in and helped us learn vital information that was absolutely key to getting Megan and I through labor and delivery. When Megan was induced, I tried to be as supportive as I could, but at a certain point Megan needed more support than I could offer as her partner.  Thanks to Ray, Megan was able to find her incredible strength, achieve a gentle, joyous, and empowering labor,and delivery without pain medication. Ray supported our needs every step of the way and helped us get exactly what we wanted out of the experience. To sum things up in a ocean metaphor: when trying to navigate the rough seas of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn life, Ray is the captain you want at the helm."

-Sam, proud transgender papa to two

Baby Jude and big sister sage

Baby Jude and big sister sage

"Ray is familiar with home birth, birthing center and hospital birth modalities, and helped us advocate for ourselves when our desires were different than the hospital staff’s desires for my delivery. She also was incredibly helpful postpartum in helping me and my early term baby successfully breastfeed. We can’t recommend Ray enough!"



"I had the opportunity to have Ray care for me during my pregnancy. Ray allowed us to make informed decisions about our pregnancy and out of hospital birth, she was supportive of our decisions and made us confident that we were making the right choices. She holds a wealth of knowledge that she shared during all of our appointments. My pregnancy and child birth experiences have made me feel empowered as a woman and mother. Ray not only supported me throughout my pregnancy but also in the weeks following my births.

I find it hard to express the gratitude we have towards our midwife. She provided my wife and I with peace of mind throughout the pregnancy. During my labor she was hands off allowing my body to do what needed to be done. Ray continues to inspire me as a person."

-Leigh Anne

parents kiss after natural birth philadelphia

"During a fast moving and very intense natural delivery, Ray supported both my husband and I completely. Her kind way and strong hands made me feel safe and as comfortable as possible. During the transition from home to the birthing center, I was feeling doubtful that I could adhere to my birth plan. Ray asked me to take it one contraction at a time, and reminded me of the goal I had been working towards throughout my pregnancy. We were able to welcome our beautiful son, Rogan James - all eight and a half pounds of him! - according to our wishes, and more importantly, with great love. My husband, son and I have formed an incredible bond and we extend our warm thanks to Ray for the important part she played in this incredible experience. We look forward to working with her again and heartily recommend her to any expectant parents."

— Meg      

"Knowing that my husband was not going to be able to be with me during my pregnancy or during the birth of our first son was very scary. I was referred to Ray by a website and I knew after our first meeting she was the type of person and energy I wanted there for my birth. Ray supported me both mentally and physically during my labor and really made my birth experience a happy one."

"I'm so grateful for Ray - I always have said although I know baby Micah would have come out eventually, I don't know if I would have been able to get through my labor without her. She is a beautiful caring person and anyone would be lucky to have her there for the birth of their little bundle of joy!"

— Katherine


"I strongly recommend Ray as an invaluable resource for anyone during maternity and postpartum. I was gifted several postpartum sessions with her at my baby shower. It was the best gift I received. Long after my son has outgrown the clothes and toys, we will both still be benefiting from the thoughtful wisdom and supportive hands that Ray provided."

"As a new mother I had a lot of feelings and questions that I felt silly, guilty or just confused for having in my mind. Many other people had good intentions but made me feel judged or didn't really listen to the details of my situation. Ray never made me feel anything less than capable and i became so much more confident in myself. Her guidance was without any hint of judgement. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it most."

"I don't think it matters if you are having your first baby or a seasoned veteran- we all want to feel supported and assisted in this crazy and emotional process. Ray will make you feel like you are not alone, that you have a very knowledgeable and patient sister in the room with you. What could be better?"

-Gwendolyn, mother of Max

Midwife Ray with Baby Max

Midwife Ray with Baby Max